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Commercial Exhaust Hoods & Canopies

A commercial kitchen is not complete without a commercial quality exhaust and extraction system. Carbon monoxide gases and grease need to be removed for local government approval and provide a safe work environment.

All canopies manufactured and components used by Sharpline are designed to remove the required volume of air. Noise and vibrations are also considered at the design stage.

The ducting path and distance is also built into the design. Building limitations may dictate a lengthy and complex path from the extraction unit to the outside of the building.

Exhaust extraction canopies employ ducting and fans with honey-comb or baffle filters.

We have also fabricated stainless steel condensate canopies for commercial dish-washing systems. These canopies have angled internal baffles and deflectors which condense steam and remove the water via a drain.

Sharpline has extensive experience in commercial and domestic kitchen exhausts from design to installation.

All our commercial extraction systems are manufactured and installed to comply with Australian Standard AS1668.

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